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Andrew Fenner

Chief executive

Andrew Fenner


With over 20 years of experience in various strategic roles, I am a seasoned leader and a passionate advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). As the Chief Executive of the UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA), I represent and support the interests of the people in the sector. Engaging with key stakeholders and policymakers to promote the sustainable, responsible growth of the industry following best practices and standards.

My expertise spans from commercial and non-profit management, conservation and sustainability, to multinational business and corporate governance. I have founded and developed several successful businesses and NGOs across the global south and the UK, securing grant funding and corporate support, and empowering communities and individuals with skills and knowledge. I also serve as a Non-Executive Director and Trustee for various organizations, sharing my insights and experience to help them achieve their goals.

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“I think for me, one of the biggest highlights is all the people you meet. Talking to them, you get to create deeper connections and seeing them face to face is very different from having them on Zoom. Bringing people together in the same room has been great for me personally and hopefully for many more people here too.”

Marcus Ljungblad, co-founder, Minut

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