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Mary Ward House, Bloomsbury, LONDON LONDON

A telecom operator since 2002, Wifirst is the European leader in WiFi as a service for businesses.

Wifirst has structured its business around four major customer families:
- Hospitality & Residences
- Retail & Business
- Health & Seniors
- Defense

Wifirst is committed to a process of continuous innovation to offer a network capable of absorbing the spectacular increase in internet usage, offering high value-added services and making WiFi the technical basis for the digital transformation of its customers.

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“I think for me, one of the biggest highlights is all the people you meet. Talking to them, you get to create deeper connections and seeing them face to face is very different from having them on Zoom. Bringing people together in the same room has been great for me personally and hopefully for many more people here too.”

Marcus Ljungblad, co-founder, Minut