Felipe Avila da Costa


Felipe Avila da Costa


Felipe Ávila da Costa is CEO/Co-founder of Infraspeak, the startup that is revolutionising Facility Management through technology, simplicity and efficiency, and Co-Founder of Founders Founders, a community-driven scale-up incubator. Previously, Felipe was responsible for the Technological Center and the Startup Acceleration Program of UPTEC (University of Porto Science and Technology Park), where he supported the start, early development and growth of more than 250 startups and innovation centers. Deeply involved in the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, Felipe is an experienced mentor and speaker that holds a Master's Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Porto and an Executive MBA from Porto Business School. He recently was named one of the "40 business leaders of the Future" in Portugal by FAE.

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"We’re witnessing a groundswell of alternative accommodations challenging the status quo as to how we will stay, live and work – it’s already at the centre of many conversations. I am delighted to be part of the first true Urban Living event that addresses the complex issues of branding, distribution, supply, regulation, UX, technology and more"

Sean Worker, Managing Director, T5 Strategies

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