Jim Dolan


Jim Dolan

Managing director, Technology Consulting

Jim has 20+ years of experience in consulting, defining IT Strategies and delivering large scale change programmes in lead roles. He has deep skills in Retail and Hospitality industries with relevant experience in infrastructure, enterprise applications and front office technology. Jim has a wide range of experience from working closely with companies that create technology, through to creating business cases and then driving programmes across large numbers of outlets and staff.  Jim has a passion for systems innovation in Hospitality and works closely with software companies to ensure that the benefit of their products is realised by our clients.

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"We’re witnessing a groundswell of alternative accommodations challenging the status quo as to how we will stay, live and work – it’s already at the centre of many conversations. I am delighted to be part of the first true Urban Living event that addresses the complex issues of branding, distribution, supply, regulation, UX, technology and more"

Sean Worker, Managing Director, T5 Strategies

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