LIFE Acrobat

LIFE Acrobat

After 10 years working in a high-pressure corporate sales environment for blue-chip companies involving extensive European travel, Emma recognised that although she loved her job, the work life balance she desired was no longer there. Having met her partner Gavin who was the captain of a superyacht, she quit the corporate arena and retrained as a luxury yacht chef, so that she could work alongside him and travel the world at the same time. After six years of sailing Europe, the US, and the Caribbean, Emma returned ashore and in 2016 established LIFE Acrobat where she combines her abilities to prepare healthy gourmet-food, with qualified nutritional advice, personal training and mental well-being.

LIFE Acrobat offers support to high-performing individuals, by taking responsibility for managing their wellbeing; specifically their nutrition, their diet, their fitness regime, their confidence, and their mental health. This approach frees our clients to focus on using their key skills to further their business, career and personal goals. Their ability to reach those goals is boosted by higher energy levels, greater concentration, and better decision-making that these lifestyle changes bring about. Since many clients have hectic, international schedules the service is provided largely online with timings, diets, exercises and data analysis tailored specifically to them.

Emma’s background as an elite athlete on the British Freestyle Aerial Ski Team coupled with her experience in mental clarity coaching gives her a unique perspective that her clients find highly motivating:  Recognising problem thoughts, habits or routines that inhibit achievement. Designing mechanisms that can be used to overcome these entrenched thoughts Only then build a highly tailored plan for a healthy, body built on firm foundations so that it is sustainable and fruitful in the long term 

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