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Urban Living Festival Lite Series

Bespoke Lite events for urban innovators and investors at the cutting edge of contemporary hospitality, real estate and living


As part of the dynamic nature of the Urban Living Festival and the subject matters across the converging hospitality and real estate assets classes - we ensure to keep ahead of the trends and on the pulse to host bi-annual virtual series, in addition to the live festival of ideas. The sessions are timely curated, bespoke “lite” webinars for urban innovators and investors at the cutting edge of contemporary hospitality, real estate and living.

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Watch the On-demand recordings from March 2021 sessions sponsored by Yardi. 

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Monday 1/3/2021, 10:00 - 1100hrs GMT:

Understanding urban living markets: how are hospitality and real estate asset classes performing and what’s the outlook? 

Host: George Sell, Editor-in-chief, IHM

Quickfire presentations from:

Alex Robinson, Senior Manager - Industry Partners, STR (Hotels and Serviced Apartments)

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg, CEO, Lavanda (Student Housing)

Sarah DuPre, Sales Director, AirDNA (Airbnb and Short Term Rentals)

Susan Tjarksen, Managing Director, Cushman and Wakefield (Co-Living)

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Monday 1/3/2021, 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT: Investment strategies of the future.

Discussing the unique opportunities investors expect to see in 2021 and beyond.

As the UK transitions outside of the EU, and the crisis passes, how are real estate investors adapting to the accelerated trends and structural changes affecting a range of asset classes. How is this affecting liquidity and pricing and will we see more distressed opportunities on the horizon? What will the risk / reward spectrum look like and how will investors drive forward capital allocations and adjust risk strategies.

Host: Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media

Nick Barker, Director, Gravis Capital

Jonathon Ivory, Managing Director, Packaged Living

Patrick Smith, Investment Director, Frogmore

Freddie Wonnacott, Associate Director, M and G

Watch the replay HERE

Tuesday 2/3/2021, 10:00 - 1100hrs GMT: Battle of the assets classes (Hybrid accommodation vs Hotels vs Serviced Apartments vs BTR vs Student Housing vs Senior Living) - who will be the 'winners' post-crisis

Light-hearted but with a serious message, each speaker has 5 mins max to convince the audience the hospitality asset they represent will be the most favoured investment class post-crisis. Each member of the audience has an imaginery £100 million GBP to allocate, who will be the winner?

Host: Neal Gemassmer, VP International Yardi

Philip Camble, Director, Whitebridge Hospitality (Hotels)

Harry Douglass, Associate Director - Hospitality, HVS (Hybrid accommodation)

Jo Winchester, Executive Director, CBRE (Co-living)

Honor Barratt, Managing Director, Birchgrove (Retirement Living)

Ben Davis, Co-founder, Saxbury (Serviced Apartments / Extended Stay)

James Pargeter, GAA (Build To Rent)

Paddy Allen, Head of operational capital markets, Colliers International (Student Housing)

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Tuesday 2/3/2021, 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT: How technology is powering Build to Rent (BTR)

What role can technology play in helping manage the relationship between landlords, operators and residents and is the BTR sector wholeheartedly embracing the use of technology?

You will learn:

How technology continues to develop, not only to meet current needs, but the future requirements of both operators and residents in a rapidly evolving, service-driven space.
Tips and challenges on defining requirements and implementation
Cost v reward conundrum
How important tech-enabled properties are from an investors' perspective

Host: Dave Butler, CEO, UKAA

Jo Vandebergh, Chief Enabling Officer, Bringme

Justin Harley, Regional Director, Yardi

Martin Zdravkov, Head of Residential and Impact Investments, LaSalle Investment Management

Sibel Osman, Head of PRS, Rendall & Rittner

Watch the replay HERE

Wednesday 03/03/2021,  10:00 - 11:00hrs GMT: The outlook on the flex economy and future of the workspace

How the flexible workplace evolves and what the new way of working will be over the next few months is a fascinating employee / employer and hospitality / real estate debate.

You will learn:

What lies ahead for the future of the modern office space.
How design and functionality is going to change post-pandemic.
How operations and AI is changing the way buildings are managed


Space-as-a-service v productivity-as-a-service.
Working from office v Working from home conundrum.
Flexible v long term leases - what's changing?
How operators are helping businesses 'back to work'

Host: Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media

Ted Orf, Co-founder, Revolt Ventures

Divya Rao, Workplace Strategist, KKS Savills

Robert Ryan, Property Director, Techspace

Antony Slumbers, Co-founder, Real Innovation Academy

Neil Usher, Chief Workplace and Change Strategist, GoSpace AI

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Wednesday 3/3/2021, 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT: Mixed-use utopia - work, rest and play

With the shift in working and living patterns, mixed use development continues to be a trend in real estate, and most projects combine a residential and commercial component. The pandemic has prompted many developers and investors to look to diversify across a range of asset classes within individual projects, offering greater resilience across market cycles and evolving political, demographic and economic scenarios.

You will learn:

What to consider when evaluating the feasibility of a mixed use development.
How to leverage the synergies of each real estate component.
Tips on selecting your best partners and placemaking.
Potential challenges and pitfalls.
The key factors when designing the development to ensure it is attractive to tenants, and will stay desirable in the long term.
Future-proofing your development.

  Host: Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media

Richard Berridge, Head of strategy and enterprise, Howsy

Eoin Conroy, Investment/Development Director, YOO Group

Neil Davies, Founding Director, Neil Davies Architects LLP

Marloes Knippenberg, CEO, Kerten Hospitality

Holly Mitchell, Director, Simply Planning

Watch the replay HERE

Thursday 4/3/2021, 10:00 - 11:00hrs GMT:  Re-purposing redundant real-estate into new forms.

Real estate is increasingly being repurposed to revitalise struggling towns and cities to better meet the changing needs and preferences of city dwellers, workers, travellers and local communities. People are already readying themselves for the 'future different'. How will people stay, live and work in urban centres, and what will be the hospitality offerings of the future. Topics covered to include: planning, architecture and design, conversion, repositioning and future customer preferences.

Host: George Sell, Editor-in-chief IHM

Dexter Moren, Director, Dexter Moren Associates

Jonathan Humphries, Chairman, HoCoSo

Simon Wallis, Director, Planning, Savills

Johannes Kangas, CEO, Forenom

Watch the replay HERE

Thursday 4/3/2021, 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT: Sustainability in Urban Development 

Host: Katharine Le Quesne, Managing Director, HOCOSO

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO, Energy & Environment Alliance

Matt Aspiotis Morley, Biofilico Wellness Interiors

Dr. Stefan Plesser, CEO, Synavision

Peter Sharratt, Managing Director, Fhoras Consulting

Sophie Carruth, Head of Sustainability Europe, LaSalle Investment Management

Watch the replay HERE

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Huge congratulations to you all at IHM for staging such a professional and extremely well executed event. I take my hat off to you all for making it happen.

Dominic Sherry, CEO, Flying Butler Apartments

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