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Take your time to read our privacy policies

We are committed to providing the best, relevant service to all of our visitors, be it at our events, awards or website.

Here in this policy are the ways in which we collect, store and dispose of your data.
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marketing on

Website privacy policy

What information do we collect?

We collect two lots of data when you visit our website – data available to us via your IP address and data you enter.

When visiting the website, we collect information including where you are visiting us from, what device(s) you are using on the site, browser preference, the pages you have visited, how long you have stayed on the site and what page you left us on.

We review this information on Google Analytics.

This information is very important to us as it ensures a user-friendly website experience that is as efficient and easy to navigate as possible. For example, updating content so that it is relevant to you.

From time to time we may share our overall statistics with our partners, but we never share individual details of users on the site.

If you choose to, we may also collect information based on the details you enter on the website.

This may be from one of the following data entry points:-

-       Subscribe to our newsletter

-       Downloading one of our reports

-       Enquiring about exhibiting, sponsoring, speaking or media partnerships for our events

-       Downloading our exhibitor or sponsorship prospectus

-       Our ‘leave a message’ chat function

We collect this in one of two ways; either you entering it straight into our CRM (customer relationship management) system or through emailing us.

Should you subscribe to our newsletter, download a report, enquire or download one of our prospectus’ we ask you some basic information about you.
Once completing, you will then receive an email (generated by our CRM system; KulaHub) asking you to opt-in and confirm your details.
Once you have confirmed your interest in our news/events, this subscribes you to our database.
Should you leave your contact details via our chat function, or emailing us directly, we will then contact you back to discuss your query.

We also use cookies on each of our sites. This means that when you visit the site, a small text file is sent from server to browser to save your preferences, such as allowing us to include your information on our website statistics.
If you would prefer us not to do that, please check your browser’s individual cookie settings.

What do we use this information for?
Once you have entered your details, we may then send you information via our newsletters, emails and other marketing functions, which we believe is of interest to you, based on your preferences.
However, you are of course free to unsubscribe yourself or change your details at any time, through the direct link at the bottom of each email.

How do we store this information?
Data that is entered on the website is stored on our CRM system, GetResponse as mentioned above.

Events privacy policy

What information do we collect?
When you confirm to attend one of our events, we ask you to register through Eventbrite via a link on our website(s).

This includes basic information such as name, job title, company name and more in-depth information such as dietary requirements or accessibility needs.

What do we use this information for?
We may use this information to contact you with queries regarding your order to ensure our attendee list is most up to date and your time at the event is maximised.

This could include ensuring your accessibility needs or requirements are met, confirming full detail names when completing a multi-booking or adding your details to our event app.

Once completing your ticket purchase, we’ll follow up on your purchase with an email giving details about your ticket, accommodation options and details of our event app, Presdo.

Again, once you have entered your details, we may then send you information via our newsletters, emails and other marketing means, on things we believe is of interest to you, based on your preferences.
However, you are of course free to unsubscribe yourself or change your details at any time, through the direct link at the bottom of each email.

We use Presdo at our events so you can easily gain access to the full agenda, communicate with peers, arrange meetings with our exhibitors and join in the conversation at the event.

Around 10 days before the event, attendees will receive an email confirming their addition to the app and instructions on where to download and access the app.
Your profile on the app is controlled by you, pulling through information from your LinkedIn account so if you want to make amends to your profile you will need to action these.

Only those that have confirmed as attending the event can view other attendees on the Presdo app.
Should you not wish to have your details automatically uploaded, please contact our Operations Manager, Natalie Taylor on

How do we store this information?
This information is stored digitally on Eventbrite, GetResponse, Presdo and GuestRevu with full opt out capability.
On the day of the event, we will also have a printed list of our attendees to mark off attendance, and within 24 hours of the event finishing, documents will be destroyed.

Attendee Feedback
Post event, we like to send an email to our attendees to gain feedback from their time at the event.

Your rights
Once you have confirmed your details, we will retain this information until you request to remove your details.
This does not effect your rights to amend, remove or view the information saved with us – details of which can be found earlier on in this policy.

Should you have any questions regarding the data you hold with us, please contact Marketing

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“I think the event is great. What IHM does really well is bringing forward-thinking industry leaders together in one place. You need to stimulate the discussion and this event is all about learning and sharing.... Thank you for this great event!”

Markus Feller, CEO, likeMagic