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ULF safety measures to ensure you can focus on doing business


URBAN LIVING FESTIVAL 2023 is designed to bring together leaders from across this fascinating and growing sector of the hospitality and real estate industry to learn, share best practice and map the future.  

As it becomes an intrinsic part of the agenda for us all in the business community  - we at International Hospitality Media (IHM) are committed to making as many sustainable choices in the running of the business and event (where reasonably practical) as possible. 

IHM as a business looks at defining their long-term sustainability goals and strives to continually to improve the efficiency of its operations and the partners it works with so as to; 

- Minimise the use of energy and raw materials 

- Minimise and, wherever practicable avoid, the generation of waste

Highlighted below are some of the measures in place to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as it can be, and we encourage our attendees to travel and think “sustainable” for the duration of the event.

  • A focus has been made on using as little paper as possible, through the use of a bespoke Urban Living event app  - rather than brochure, floor plans etc…
  • The attendee badges for all those on the site are made from recyclable paper, and we will be collecting the lanyards and plastic pockets to re-use at the end of Day 2 
  • We encourage attendees to use public transport, walk or cycle to the venue - there are plenty of options including DLR, Tube, the new Elizabeth Line and cycle/walking paths and storage.
  • Canary Wharf has multiple Santander Cycle Sharing options and paths 
  • A focus has been placed on all materials used by IHM and their contractors to be re-used, certain items have been hired rather than purchased too in the event space.
  • Coffee cups and food packaging provided by the venue catering contractor are all compostable.
The venue and Canary Wharf Estate has also this corporate social responsibility agenda https://group.canarywharf.com/environmental-social-governance/

“It’s always a pleasure to be here. It’s not my first time. It’s always a great forum to discuss with all the other industry professionals and to meet the investors and the technology providers, as well as see familiar faces. Overall, it is a great event that we attend every year. We are also the app sponsor and we are very happy about that. For sure, we will be back.”

Pawel Gawor, CEO, City Pop