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Brendan Geraghty

The Association for Rental Living

Brendan Geraghty


Architect, design, and development strategist Brendan Geraghty is a recognised rental living sector thought leader. He has been active in the urban and suburban rental living sector sector since 2011 and CEO of the Association for Rental Living (ARL) – formerly the UKAA - the representative body for the rental living sector, since 2022. Brendan is known for actively championing the integration of consumer culture in BTR with a ‘brand before building’ approach.
His extensive experience of the living sectors includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) work, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) matters and a keen focus on culture and people. Brendan combines deep generalist and broad specialist knowledge, creating structured development and consumer centric BTR strategies, integrating consumer culture principles with investment requirements. He is an authority on selective licensing and rental policy and legislation and has been instrumental in the establishment of the UK’s first BTR Code of Practice, with its principles launched in March 2024.

Prior to leading the ARL, Brendan spent 16 years in senior roles, including with Centred Architecture, Optim and Geraghty Taylor Architects. Under his guidance the ARL delivers an intensive series of events, including the ARL BTR Conference and Awards, the BTR Expo, webinars, regional hub events, seminars, roundtables and more. Brendan also led the organisation through a major rebrand to the ARL which reflected its broad membership. Brendan is also exploring new relationships with others in the residential sector with an interest in the rental living sector, including housing associations, contractors and housebuilders as well as pressing ESG issues such as Net Zero Carbon.

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