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Yianni Tsitouras

POHA House

Yianni Tsitouras


Meet Yianni Tsitouras, the visionary CEO and co-founder of POHA House and creator of the Cospaces concept. Yianni's journey began with aspirations in law, but in 2004, he discovered his true calling in real estate and started a career in surveying. While based in London, Yianni identified a unique opportunity to create shared housing for young professionals, which sparked the inspiration for POHA House. 
In 2019, Yianni, together with his wife and her siblings, founded POHA House with a bold mission: to create innovative cospaces where people can live, work, and thrive—all under one roof. Yianni’s philosophy extends beyond merely sharing walls; it’s about fostering a community of shared experiences that empower each resident to pursue their happiness and achieve their full potential.
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“It’s always a pleasure to be here. It’s not my first time. It’s always a great forum to discuss with all the other industry professionals and to meet the investors and the technology providers, as well as see familiar faces. Overall, it is a great event that we attend every year. We are also the app sponsor and we are very happy about that. For sure, we will be back.”

Pawel Gawor, CEO, City Pop

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