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ENGAGE! Webinar Series

Travel buyer webinar series in the lead-up to the live event.


Like the curated ENGAGE! event itself, the webinars bring together the very best from across the travel-buying industry and provide a no-cost digital platform for industry leaders to ‘engage’, look to the future and challenge the status quo with their peers, through the sharing of knowledge, live debates and Q&As. The topics offer a snapshot of what’s to come at the ‘live’ event, hosted as part of the URBAN LIVING FESTIVAL 2021: July 7-8, Tobacco Dock, London. For more information see here.


We’re currently taking bookings for brands and companies that wish to position themselves as thought leaders and sponsor our webinar series. The schedule is filling up fast - download the information sheet below or contact katie@internationalhospitality.media for more information.

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You're invited to join host Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network as he welcomes travel buyers, TMC's, relocation and accommodation providers to 'engage' on the topics below:


Thursday 6th August, 11.00 – 12 noon BST, Hotels, serviced apartments, co-living / BTR, short term rentals – what’s the best option?

Despite fragmentation in the accommodation market, many travel managers are unaware of the choice of options available, the benefits they offer, or how to source them.

Vivi Cahyadi, CEO, AltoVita

Kevin Carr, Associate Director, UBS Travel Management

Jo Layton, CAP Worldwide

Steve Lowy, CEO, Anglo Educational and The Residence.

You will learn:

  • The differences between hotels, serviced accommodation, student housing / co-living, hostels and short term rentals.
  • Where each option could fit in your accommodation programme.
  • Where to find them
  • What accommodation offering provides the ideal environment for co-working

Watch the recording HERE

Thursday July 9th, 11.00 - 12 noon BST: Travel buyers v travel sellers – who wins?

Will it be a buyers’ or sellers’ business travel market post-COVID? With volumes potentially decimated, will corporates who are willing to invest in travel hold the upper hand?

Host: Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with

1. Steve Banks, Capita Travel & Events
2. Linda Anderson, Commerial Management, Beazley Group
3. Tony Matharu, Chairman and Founder, Blue Orchid Hotels
4. Youlia Ouzounova, VP Business Development, GHS Global Hospitality

You will learn

  • How quickly will business travel bounce back
  • How corporates’ and suppliers’ priorities will change – or not
  • How supressed demand held over from meetings & events postponed due to COVID will affect pricing
  • How buyers and sellers can work together to maximise post-pandemic recovery

Watch the recording HERE

Thursday 23rd July, 11.00 – 12 noon BST, Has video killed the meetings star?

Video conferencing has become the norm, but with lockdown gradually easing, what does the future hold for the meetings sector?

Host: Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with

Paul Hussey, Conference Doctor

Steve Jones, Managing Director, Wyboston Lakes Resort

Kate Ray, Head of Events, Chartered Governance Institiute, ICSA

You will learn:

  • How corporate travellers will integrate virtual conferencing into their meetings programmes
  • How to instil confidence in workers cautious of attending face-to-face meetings
  • How meeting planners will decide between virtual vs physical meeting
  • The role suppliers can play in maintaining that delicate balance

Watch the recording HERE

Thursday 10th September, 11.00 – 12 noon BST, Who leads? With corporate travel's biggest associations in turmoil, who can industry professionals look to now?

Who leads? With the world’s largest business travel associations in turmoil, who can industry professionals rely upon for leadership now?

Host: Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with
In this session we will discuss:-

  • With so many reliant on funding from suppliers, is the trade association model broken, and how did we get to this point?
  • Are existing associations fit for purpose?
  • What is their primary function – education or lobbying?
  • Are associations best placed to lead the charge for change or it is time for a new industry body to pick up the baton?
  • How can membership organisations remain relevant – and solvent?
  • Are there simply too many of them?

Watch the recording HERE

Thursday 24th September, 10.30 – 11.30 noon BST, The impact of lost talent in a changing business travel landscape

Hundreds of business travel professionals have found themselves out of work due to corporate downsizing in the wake of coronavirus. As these men and women look for the next opportunity, is there room in the new normal for so many new start-ups, and if so, where?

  • Dave Clare, The Business Travel Network (runs BTA Cares programme)
  • Thomas Mielke, AETHOS Consulting Group (executive search/coaching)
  • Claire French, ex-Avis Budget (current looking for new opportunities)
  • TBC
  • Mark Harris, Travel Intelligence Network (Moderator)

You will learn:

  • Is lockdown related company down-sizing temporary or permanent?
  • Is the focus on culling sales & marketing jobs short sighted?
  • How will shrinking workforces impact:-
    • Company strategy (employer)
    • Customers
  • How will employers plug the knowledge gaps?
  • More start-ups, more consultants – is there room for everyone?
  • Where are the opportunities for newly redundant corporate travel professionals?
  • What advice do you have for anyone who now finds themselves redundant?

Watch the recording HERE

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ENGAGE! Webinar Series

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